Alex Lancaster

Randall High School

Ava Darnell

Tascosa High School

Nicolas Knevelbaard

Amarillo Collegiate Academy

Parker Cunningham

Canyon High School

One can never fully achieve what they’re capable of without taking risks. This scholarship has enabled me to pursue my educational dreams because it takes some of the risk away but leaves all the opportunity.

Nicolas Knevelbaard, ECU Scholarship recipient

My current ambition is to work towards a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Cyber Security. After I earn my degree, I would like to find a job and save some money. With this saved money, I would then like to return to Amarillo and serve my local community by opening my own software or cybersecurity company. The money provided by the Education Credit Union scholarship will help me focus more on my education instead of working a part-time job in college or taking out a student loan. This will make my goal of achieving a bachelor’s degree much easier.

Alex Lancaster, ECU Scholarship recipient

I am honored to have been selected as the Education Credit Union Member Scholarship recipient. Because of this scholarship, I am able to attend the University of Oklahoma in the fall where I will major in Political Science. My plan is to earn my undergrad in three years and then apply for law school to become a sports agent. As a sports agent, I will apply my knowledge of sports and negotiating to assist athletes and their contracts. By being awarded this scholarship, the Education Credit Union Foundation has lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus on the most important aspect of school: learning. This scholarship has also inspired me to help others and give back to my community in which I will do in Norman and wherever I go after college. I also plan to help students achieve their goals in the future, just as the Education Credit Union Foundation has helped me.

Ava Darnell, ECU Scholarship recipient